Grenoble, France

1st Go Promotion Awards

Stoned on the Goban - Sillons Tracés

I presented two projects at the Go Promotion Awards (ISGS) this year!

It was done quite in a hurry, because it’s a rush period for me: preparation for the 2023 congress (printing of t-shirts, new designs, orders…), and running the shop for 2 weeks while painting 20 fans for the pros… Then add the presentation of projects for a price, OUTCH!

Fortunately, my amazing partners worked on the text: Lucas (co-author) and Benoit (editor) for our book “Go, let’s play !” (an illustrated initiation book in French available on October 10 in bookstores!), as well as Loïc for our Grenoble passport and badge system, inspired by Kevin’s (Rennes Go School) system 🙂

I cross my fingers that the projects please and convince the jury, and that they will inspire other project leaders!

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