Grenoble, France

Month: April 2021

Stoned on the Goban - Sillons Tracés

A new cover for the European Go Journal !

The 3rd European Journal of Go is available, and I made the cover, in color this time, and on the double page! I hope you will like it, I look forward to receiving it, Artem and Kim’s work is evolving more and more and I am very happy to participate in this great project!

KBA ? You said the KBA ?

Oh yes, KBA ! I made my first contract with the very famous Korean Baduk Association , and I am very proud of it! (and I hope for others! ^^) This is an important accomplishment, and it is thanks to you and in particular one of you, Jiyun Park Some of my illustrations are printed…
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ZOLT – Ze OnLine Tournoi

A poster for the ZOLT 2021 😀

Equestrian orders

I started drawing several years ago, and it was 90% horses 🙂 I still draw for riders who order me sometimes ^^