Grenoble, France

Month: May 2022

Stoned on the Goban - Sillons Tracés

Do miners play go ?

⛏ Do miners play go ? 😛 A fun illustration for school go club t-shirts (USA) 🙌 I love discovering the diversity of go players in the world 🥰

Patreon – April 2022

Here are the rewards for the month of April 2022! The packages will leave this weekend 🙂 You will therefore receive, depending on your subscription level: an artistic print of my illustration for the League Pro, and a wooden pin with a mini goban! This month, Steven W was drawn to receive Dan’s reward. I…
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Cosmic Go

The publisher board n stones had already proposed a reissue of the famous “Le Go Cosmique” by Takemiya Masaki in French, and I had the pleasure and honor of making the cover.It is now available in English! You can order it here: