Grenoble, France


Stoned on the Goban - Sillons Tracés

Camille Lévêque – France
Since 2019, I have put my creativity at the service of the development of the Game of Go around the world, as well as the understanding for all of agricultural and environmental issues.
Gratuted in Rural Development Strategy and heaving teach agricultural technical subjects, I know that the view of agriculture is complex and must be transmitted to as many people as possible. I work to explain agricultural and environmental concepts through drawings or videos, during conferences or for awareness campaigns.
Go player since 2018, currently 2D in France, I draw to promote this ancient game. I work for this with federations of all countries, publishers, professionals and amateur players, and school as well.
 I am at your disposal for all your projects. Please describe them to me so that we can discuss !
Contactez moi pour vos projets, je suis disponible pour en discuter !