Grenoble, France

Author: Camille Leveque

Stoned on the Goban - Sillons Tracés

🎁 Paper Toy for Christmas !

You have probably already noticed, I always add a small gift in your orders, which change regularly…Until Christmas you will soon find a paper toy to make Christmas decorations 🙂 The printable version is available for free below, if you have other desires for patterns, give me ideas!Have fun ! 🎁

Inktober 2022 – Go & Animals

I already did an inktober (challenge between artists: draw once a day) on the theme of go in 2019 and 2020, and I took the time this year to try the experience again hoping to hold the 31 days 🙂 I asked you which animals you would have liked to see play go, and you…
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Rouen Go Club – Logo & T-shirt

I had the pleasure of designing the new Club de Go de Rouen logo, to dress up their T-shirts! I can’t wait to see the printed result, I always like to collect the objects on which the drawings are printed 🙂The two animals represent the emblems of the city of Rouen (France) 😀

Do miners play go ?

⛏ Do miners play go ? 😛 A fun illustration for school go club t-shirts (USA) 🙌 I love discovering the diversity of go players in the world 🥰

Patreon – April 2022

Here are the rewards for the month of April 2022! The packages will leave this weekend 🙂 You will therefore receive, depending on your subscription level: an artistic print of my illustration for the League Pro, and a wooden pin with a mini goban! This month, Steven W was drawn to receive Dan’s reward. I…
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Cosmic Go

The publisher board n stones had already proposed a reissue of the famous “Le Go Cosmique” by Takemiya Masaki in French, and I had the pleasure and honor of making the cover.It is now available in English! You can order it here:

Play Go For Ukraine

Dear Go players,Twelve Europe-based Go teachers + four players gathered their ideas and made this event for Ukrainian Go families.We offer about 70 of 1:3 simultaneous games and will ask participants for a small donation(20€ per game).Of course, we will use all the funds to help Ukrainian Go families. Please find more details on the…
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Patreon – March 2022

The patreon rewards of the month of March! A very special product this month, which will accompany the illustration of support for Ukraine. (informations here : You will receive an illustrated washi tape! This is my first time doing this sort of goodie, hope you find it fun 🙂 слава україні To become a…
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Revue Française de Go – January 2022

Patreon – February 2022

The patreon rewards of the month of February! With a starter pack theme: an a6 or a4 illustration (with sublimation effects), and a stickers sheet ! To become a patreon, support my work and also receive a surprise package every month, it’s here :