Grenoble, France

IGLO & Stoned on the Goban

Stoned on the Goban - Sillons Tracés

When a community of dynamic and creative players knock on the door of Stoned on the Goban, it results in a brand new t-shirt ! 🙌

A warrior under the snow, for a fight on the goban…

💡 So how does it work ?
The members of IGLO have come up with a t-shirt design with me that looks like them but will also probably appeal to any go player.

The result is this t-shirt screen-printed on a petrol blue fabric, handmade in my workshop as for all the other textiles in the shop 💪

It is available to IGLO players at a special price as well as with an additional screen-printed shoulder, but for everyone else, this t-shirt is also available !

Do you also want this kind of partnership project? Don’t hesitate to come and discuss it by message 🙂


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