Grenoble, France

The end of the spreadshirt shop…

Stoned on the Goban - Sillons Tracés

For two years you have been able to order teeshirts through the spreadshirt site, and I hope you were happy with it!
I love to see you with your T-shirts all over Europe !

Today I would like to offer you screen-printed t-shirts, produced in France by myself 😀
For longer lasting prints, and many more printing possibilities!

So, I will do my first tests at the beginning of September, and I hope to show you the results soon! The patreons will be, as usual, the first to be spoiled ^^

It’s the end of the day for the spreadshirt store! I close it at the end of August, if you like some models, they will have to order before! After closing, these will be collectors that will no longer be published 😉

And until August 2, -15% on all tee-shirts !

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