Grenoble, France

The World of Weiqi

Stoned on the Goban - Sillons Tracés

So there was something unexpected, but so important for an artist who draws about go in Europe, while the players are mainly in Asia …

A publication in the Go Chinese magazine !

How lucky for me to participated, in 2019 and then in 2021, in this team competition in China, to have been able to tell about this tournament for the West, which knows very little about the emulation and glitter of these international tournaments !

And the little extra, thanks also to Guo Qiandu (Amy) for her translation, the attentive team of Little Fox Weiqi and the City Weiqi League, as well as Shutai Zhang, the comic is published entirely in the October publication of “The World of Weiqi “, an important magazine dedicated to weiqi in China.

Thank you for your small gestures, which all help me to make travel and recognize my works !

This comic is available in French, English and Chinese here

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