Grenoble, France


Stoned on the Goban - Sillons Tracés

This flyer is made to accompany your initiations with children (and adults!)
It contains a reminder of the rules of capture, some cultural elements about go as well as a goban to cut!
This flyer having a great success in Grenoble, so I decided to offer it to you all, freely!
Thanks to some of you who have been amazing, it is available in many languages. You can also propose a translation!

The flyer can be adapted to include your club’s information (on the back, “play in real life”).

Printing Tips:
-> 250g paper (lightly cardboard), A4 double-sided color.
-> for the club insert if you don’t know how to manipulate the image on a computer, you can simply print small stickers with your information to stick in the box!
-> Fold it to make a booklet 🙂

By downloading this flyer, you agree to:

initiate as many people as possible with it!
do not remove translators’ signatures or credits
do not modify the flyer outside the box for your club information (this includes not using the illustrations outside of the flyer
do not sell the flyer or the illustrations.

The use of the flyer and its printing is free!
But of course it took work to make it that way 🙂 If you can or wish, you can make a donation to support my work <3

Languages available

Do you want to suggest a new translation or have you noticed an error? Email me